Cannaco Flower Products

Cannaco Flower Products will be available for retail in 2023. Our flower is hand selected from some of the premiere cannabis growing operations throughout the states and we are strongly dedicated to sourcing only the best possible flower available. Guaranteed fresh from farm to table within 30 days.

3.5 Gram Flower - Greenhouse Flower

We source award winning strains grown in some of the best greenhouses across the state. All Outdoor Cannaco flower retails at $28.00

Strain Details Coming Soon

3.5 Gram Flower - Indoor Flower

Premium Cannaco flower is grown by the top growers in the best conditions, guaranteeing an award winning high and experiences from terpenes to taste, flavor profiles, effects, shelf appeal and more! All Indoor Cannaco flower retails at $56.00

Strain Details Coming Soon

0.7 Gram Preroll - Gorilla Glue

An award winning hybrid for patients and breeders across the globe. It packs a heavy-hitting high with long lasting soothing affects that will leave your mind & body in an extended state of relaxation & bliss. Gorilla Glue contains natural herbal flavors with a chocolatey sweet aftertaste. Perfect strain for relaxation.

Strain Details Coming Soon

Vapes & Oils

Newest addition to the Cannaco Line and will be sourcing some of our premium indoor flower to create the best vaping experience on the market. Big thanks and support to our distribution partners on this new initiative!

Strain Details Coming Soon